Rhinoplasty surgery can be done in the summer?

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“Rhinoplasty can be done during the summer months?”, is one of the most researched questions.. During the summer months, there are recommendations that should be considered when making aesthetic surgery of the face.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be done in the summer?


Rhinoplasty can be done during the summer months? The answer is: Yes ....

 Wet-to-dry, hot and cold weather doesn’t have a positive or negative effect about cosmetic surgery  in the summer.

Seasonal temperatures doesn’t hinder the success of operations. Issues to consider in the summer and winter season, a lot of things to be considered when there is no difference. In the summer heat, winter cold, measures are taken to protect. 

Performed cosmetic surgery in the face during the healing process, you need to keep to the sun to get a tan. Whether or not we let the surgery in the summer, we should pay attention to sun protection range from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. Other hours sunbathing on the sunscreen protection factor of 50 must be used. 

After rhinoplasty surgery, there will be a plaster on the nose for a week. There colul de some swelling after the operatşon, on the recovery process. Therefore, if you plan a vacation exposed to the sea and sun vacation, vacation should be planned in 1 month after surgery. Best of all, surgery shoul be postponed after the holiday.

After aesthetic nose surgery, you should not use sunglasses up to two months. 

Each surgery, the medical conditions of the operating room conditions should be a certain degree. Nowadays, with special insulation and cooling systems, operating conditions can be adjusted to the desired degree. Operating conditions for this type of operation, so there is nothing to hinder about being.

 After rhinoplasty surgery, After rhinoplasty surgerydoctor the opportunity to bathe in the sea after the time specified, accelerates the healing process. Sea water, breath in the nose thoroughly cleaned and scales in terms of opening up the healing process is a major contributor. Cosmetic nose surgery and 3-4 weeks later, with the consent of plastic surgery specialist seafood is safe to enter.