Anti-Wrinkle Treatment by Filling

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Fillers are used in order to reduce the wrinkles in our face. The application which involves the injection of fillers is called anti-wrinkle treatment by Filling.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment by Filling

As years go by and we age, changes start to occur both in our face and body. Years leave their trace on our face. The collagen and elastin fibres start to wear out. The hyaluronic acid content of our skin begins to decrease. Volume losses occur in certain regions. As a result of these, we observe wrinkles and sunken areas in our skin. Besides ageing; smoking, harmful solar rays and weather conditions also accelerate our ageing thereby increasing our wrinkles.

The filling application is a successful and alternative solution particularly for people who don't want to undergo an operation.


Why is Filling Necessary?

Our skin is treated by fillers in order to have more fleshy lips, fuller cheeks, and have less sunken areas in the nose region, as well as to remove the sunken areas under the eye.

For some people, tissue losses occur under the skin due to various reasons. Wrinkles and sagging develop in the skin due to damages resulting from harmful solar rays for some people whereas such wrinkles and sagging is just due to ageing for some others. Sometimes sagging, wrinkles and lines develop in the skin as a result of damages caused by sun, anxieties, influence of gravity, as well as other environmental factors. In order to save you from these problems, as well as to beautify you and provide fullness for you, fillers are injected under the skin. The sunken areas, volume losses and wrinkles in the skin can be repaired by injecting some materials under the skin. Therefore, a more youthful and attractive appearance can be acquired.


What do Fillers Contain as Active Ingredient?

The most commonly used material in our country and the world is the hyaluronic acid. Since the hyaluronic acid content of our skin decreases by ageing, the skin is supported with fillers containing hyaluronic acid in order to treat the wrinkles.
FDA approved fillers are used in the Maya Aesthetic Surgery.

In addition to the special fillers, the own fat of persons can also be used as a filler to injected under the skin.

There are permanent and temporary fillers. The permanent material is the silicone. It's applied for once and it's permanent. As to the temporary fillers, the application should be repeated after a certain period of time. The temporary filler application is more advantageous. It offers the advantage of being able to make changes at different times.  

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and is found in the cartilages, skins, articulations and eyes of living things. In addition to the materials which contain hyaluronic acid, there are other materials containing Collagen, Calcium Hydroxyl, Apatite and Polylactic Acid.


Where can the Fillers be Used?


Fillers are used for forehead lines, acne scars, noses-lips, lip augmentation, crow's feet, sunken regions under the eye, dorsum of the hand, regional symmetries in the nose, sunken areas in the corners of mouth, dimples in the cheek and chin and deformations which have developed due to an accident.

  • When Botox fails to yield sufficient result in the crow's feet, fillers are applied.
  • Fillers are used for the sunken regions under the eye in order to give a more youthful appearance. Besides, the sagging cheeks will also have been lifted slightly with the filler injection.
  • Fillers can be used for the dorsum of the hand which has become thinner, and the bones and tendons are noticeable.
  • The filler application for the Lip Augmentation, lip borders and the wrinkles in this region provides an aesthetical look.