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Abdominoplasty is one of the most important and comprehensive surgeries of body contouring. Since a disproportionality is observed in the abdominal region relative to the other regions of the body, the abdominal region loses its aesthetical appearance


The correction of the aesthetic appearance and malformations of the abdominal region through surgical procedures is called ABDOMINOPLASTY. In this operation, which can be performed for both men and women, solutions are offered for the cracks on the skin, excess skin and fatty tissues under the skin. The excess skin and fatty tissues are removed and your muscles are tightened. Deformations, which you dislike when you see, forming below the belly-button come to an end with the operation.

You might have gained and lost weight repeatedly. Your skin might have lost its flexibility. Your tummy might have sagged whereas there might be loose layers of skin in your belly. Your may have anatomical muscle weaknesses. All of these are problems which can be solved by abdominoplasty. Plastic surgeons make people happy by solving the abdominal problems of people through their surgical interventions. People who become happy overcome the insecurity in their social and sex lives. Patients who have undergone abdominoplasty are the aesthetic patients who pass on an advice the most. Who wouldn't want to have a slim waist, a tight-stiff belly, and who wouldn't want to be flat-bellied....

There are many people who make an effort to get rid of their body fat through physical exercises, diets etc. Sometimes, it's difficult to get rid of the persistent body fat despite every effort. Even if you have an ideal weight, you see malformations and excess fat which annoy you when you look in a mirror.  You just don't like your figure.


The Difference between the Mini Abdominoplasty and Full Abdominoplasty

As will be understood from their names, the full abdominoplasty is more comprehensive. When looking in a mirror and assessing the unpleasing regions of the body, people sometimes may underestimate their problems.
The difference between the Mini Abdominoplasty and Full Abdominoplasty is a technical issue. We recommend you to learn this difference during your examination.


Abdominoplasty following Childbirth

Fats which cannot be rendered, muscle weaknesses and cracks are observed in women who have given birth. The skin has loosened. Childbirth affects the whole metabolism of the woman's body. Medically, the fatty tissue starts rendering upon breast feeding period's commencing following the childbirth. Women start losing weight with the breast feeding period. However, some women cannot lose weight easily. Looking in a mirror, they become deeply worried of the excess fat in their abdomens, buttocks and hips. On the other hand, although some women lose weight easily, the skin loosens-sags as the fats are rendered. The weakening of muscles is a process which accelerates the deformation. Many women are only operated for the removal of fat after childbirth. Satisfying results are achieved. However, sometimes the deformed abdomen cannot be corrected only with the fat removal. In order to provide an aesthetic look for the abdomen, abdominoplasties are performed. For abdominoplasty, a one year of time should expire after the childbirth.

You need to be healthy for a successful operation. The previous operations you had, the medications you are on and your smoking habits are important for the planning of your operation, as well as for your doctor's approval

Since this operation is the removal of the skin and fatty tissue below your belly-button, a scar is unavoidable. The region where the scar will appear is the same with the caesarean's and the scar will remain under the bikini. We would like to ask you to stand in front of a mirror and decide whether or not that scar would annoy you. Nowadays, scars can also be hidden by permanent makeup applications. Please contact us for further details regarding the permanent makeup.


Is Abdominoplasty a Solution to the Obesity?

In case you are overweight, close to obesity or obese, abdominoplasty is not applicable for your treatment. You need to consult an obesity specialist.