Permanent Make-up

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If you don't have enough time to apply make-up or you are having difficulties in concealing the imperfectness with the make-up techniques on your eyebrows, eyes, and lip then here is our recommendation;

Permanent Make-up

A permanent make-up application which we will apply with products approved by Ministry of Health will ease your life and save your time. Permanent make-up is realized by placing the herbal dyes composed of these products under the skin.


Is Permanent Make-up long-lasting?

This application lasts for 3-6 years depending on the skin type of the person.


Is it possible to cover Stitching Scars or Wound Scars by Permanent Make-up?

It is possible to get stitch scars invisible. It is even possible to fix the skin color variations.

Where to apply the Permanent Make-up?

It is applied to Lips, Eyes, Stitch Scars, Eyebrows, Scars and Skin color variations in our centre at Bagdat Caddesi, Turkey

Permanent Make-up Price and Eyebrow Contour Price

The price is communicated only after the examination by our specialist. You can consult via phone or e-mail given in our contact information.

Permanent Make-up Sessions and Eyebrow Contour Sessions

After the initial application, a retouching application is provided during the control examination at the time to be determined by your specialist. You can contact us to have detailed information.

Is it still necessary to apply make-up after the permanent make-up application? Thanks to the permanent make-up, you do not any longer need to put on make up, apply Eyeliner to your eyes.


Permanent Make-up on the Eyes

We bring you an attractive look through permanent eyeliner make-up. You do not need to use cosmetic eyeliners any more.

Permanent Make-up on the Eyebrows

Your hair, eyebrow and skin color at the time of application are specified. A natural and matching view is provided.

Permanent Make-up on the Lips

We bring you a solution to achieve full lips. If preferred, color might be applied on colorless lips.