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Rhytidoplasty is one of the operations performed in order to beautify the face and give it a more youthful appearance.


Due to ageing; sagging, loosening and wrinkles develop in our skin and the skin structure changes. In addition to ageing, external factors such as smoking lead to the deterioration of the appearance. Rhytidoplasty is performed in order to eliminate all these problems in our face. Mini, Mid, Full Face Lift terms are used. We recommend you to get examined face-to-face by a plastic surgeon in order for you to learn which type of face lift, mini, mid or full, you need.


How is Rhytidoplasty Performed?


All aesthetic operations involve a surgical procedure. However, the scars do not appear on visible regions. None of the scars are visible in Rhytidoplasties. We recommend you to get information from a plastic surgeon face-to-face instead of reading detailed information about how the application is performed on the web. Our face is the region by which we say hello to the life and see the life, as well as we hear and smell. Therefore, it's one of the operations individuals are the most anxious about. It's an operation in which successful results are achieved with a skilled plastic surgeon. Thus, we would like to ask you to make an appointment with us in order to give you information face-to-face about how this operation is performed by showing you visual materials.

Rhytidoplasties are performed with general anaesthesia under operating room conditions. The facial tissue is strengthened and the excess skin is removed in these operations.

Face Lift has many details. Cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, nose, forehead, neck and jowl are considered as a whole.


Can a surgical intervention be performed in the neck during a Rhytidoplasty?

Generally, the ageing of the face and neck occurs parallel to each other. It's possible to perform both the Platysmaplasty and Rhytidoplasty in the same operation. If necessary, Laser Liposuction is performed as well.

Which Regions are Considered Before the Rhytidoplasty?


  1. Removal of sagging and bagging which has developed in the eyelids;
  2. Removal of wrinkles around the eyes and eyebrows,
  3. Removal of the problems in the neck,
  4. Removal of the general deformations in our face,
  5. Removal of the sagging and gaps in and around the cheeks


What you wonder about Rhytidoplasty?

Rhytidoplasty Techniques?

Face Lift Techniques are the Classic Rhytidoplasty and the Endoscopic Face Lift Surgery. The doctor's choice of either technique depends on the sagging and loosening of the cheeks, as well as the deformations in the skin. Without an examination, it's not possible for the individuals to decide for which technique they are suitable by reading the detailed information on these techniques. Make an appointment with our plastic surgeons to learn for which technique you are suitable.

What is the suitable age for Rhytidoplasty?

The degree of ageing in the face is important. These operations are performed for patients who are between 30 and 85 years old.

Can a rhytidoplasty repeated?

After the first operation, ageing can be observed in the face with the ageing. The operation can be performed again in 7-10 years after the first one.

How long does it take to go back to one's everyday life after Rhytidoplasty?

The person can leave the hospital the next day after the operation. She/he can go back to her/his everyday work routine in 7-10 days.

After the Rhytidoplasty

We have stated above that the Rhytidoplasty is a very comprehensive and detailed operation. Upon your examination, we give you in written the matters you need to pay attention following the operation.


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