Vaginoplasty - Labioplasty

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Vaginoplasty refers to the Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labioplasty.

Vaginoplasty - Labioplasty

Vaginoplasty is the aesthetic and medical surgeries which are carried out in order to give an appealing look to the genital region, provide self-confidence for persons, enable them to have a healthy sexual intercourse with their partners as the sexual life has gained importance in our day.

The surgeries which are carried out in the genital region in order to provide an aesthetical look as a whole are called Vaginoplasty. 

Vaginoplasty, Vagina Tightening

For various reasons, enlargements occur in the vaginal region. The operation for tightening the vagina is referred to as VAGINOPLASTY. The vagina is tightened in this surgery.

Persons who have given more than one birth through vaginal delivery have an enlarged vagina. There are women whose vaginas enlarged even though they haven't given any birth. This surgery is carried out for these persons. The surgery can be performed both with general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia. The patient can start having sexual intercourse 5 weeks after the surgery.

Nowadays, women are more conscious about their sex life. As opposed to the past, they are now able to talk freely about the sexual problems regarding their genital region both with the doctors and their close friends. Even though the problems are not mentioned, now people can easily talk about the genital regions and vaginal shapes. Thanks to the internet, the normal shape of the vagina can be seen clearly. Seeing that the appearance of their genital organ is different from the normal shape and being aware of this, women lack self-confidence which leads to dissatisfaction in the sexual life.

Nowadays, these surgeries are carried out both by the plastic surgeons and the gynaecologists. We believe that these surgeries should be performed by gynaecologists if the Vaginoplasty is sufficient itself alone in order to solve the displeasures regarding the problems in the genital region. Anatomically, the vagina falls into the area of expertise of gynaecologists. In case this is a vaginoplasty to be performed together with labioplasty, the surgery is carried out both by plastic surgeons and gynaecologists.


What is Labioplasty?

The operation performed on the labia minora (inner lips) in the genital region is called LABIOPLASTY. Sometimes the labia minora extend outwards more than normal.

Today, women can speak easily with each other about their genital regions. They are also able to examine the anatomy of the genital organs to see the normal shapes through the internet. Sometimes, they become aware of the deformations in their genital regions with their partners telling them about it. This situation causes sexual, hygienic and aesthetic concerns. It's noticeable from the underwear and bikini. Labia majora (outer lips) and labia minora (inner lips) are larger than normal and saggy. Natural shape is given to the lips through this surgery. General anaesthesia is preferred for the comfort of the patient, as well as for a more successful surgical intervention. The surgery can also be performed with local anaesthesia. Healing process takes 15 days.
Virginity doesn't pose an obstruction to this surgery. The hymen is not touched. No urinary problems are encountered. There is no obstruction to childbirth.

If the labioplasty is sufficient itself alone, the surgery can be performed by plastic surgeons. The aim is to provide an aesthetical look and remove the deformations.  

This surgery should be performed by plastic surgeons who are experienced in genital region.