Reduction Mammoplasty

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Reduction Mammoplasty is carried out for various age groups including young-old and underweight-overweight persons.

Reduction Mammoplasty

Excessively large breasts considerably affect the quality of women's living. Women experience difficulty in finding suitable clothing. They cannot do physical exercises. They hunch their shoulders in order to hide their large breasts. After a certain period of time, shoulder pain, back pain and low back pain complaints increase. Women undergo reduction mammoplasty in order to increase their quality of living.


Reduction mammoplasty is performed owing to the health problems experienced by women rather than to provide an aesthetic look to them.  

Even the underweight women can desire to undergo this operation due to their larger breast tissues which make it difficult to find suitable clothing. 

Even though this operation is performed to solve the health problems and increase the quality of living, plastic surgeons aim to provide an aesthetic shape for the breasts. They not only reduce the size of your breasts but also beautify and give an aesthetic look to your breasts.