Hair Transplantation

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The hair on our head between two ears on the upper section of the neck is the hair that is genetically not lost.

Hair Transplantation

During hair transplantation, this area which does not lose hair genetically is benefitted from. The hair in this area is taken and transferred to the hairless sections of the head where hair is lost on the front or top of the head. The purpose is to have a hairy appearance on the hairless areas. When new hair comes out on the transplanted area, such hair does not have the risk of loss. This is because the hair is taken from the hairy area which is not lost genetically.

The follicular hair units taken from the area which does not lose hair genetically are called GRAFT. This is why the number of grafts is given in hair transplantation. The identifications such as 2000 grafts, 3000 grafts needed in order to provide a hairy appearance on the hairless areas, are made. Grafts include an average of 2 - 4 hair strands. Following the transplantation, people see these hair strands as the hair grows


Researches are always conducted for hair transplantation. Alternative solutions are brought. Commonly applied hair transplantation technique today is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It is preferred since it is a method which is non-surgical, without any stitches and traces

Another technique is FUT method. FUT method is a method in which the skin between two ears on the upper section of the neck, where the hair is not lost, is extracted directly from the root level by a surgical process. The incision is below the hair. This is not preferred since it required surgical operation and leaves traces. When it is performed by a successful surgeon, the traces are so fine, almost inconspicuous. It does not bother people.   

These methods, in other words FUE and FUT methods, can be applied separately or can be used together when the open areas are wide. In people with good hair quality, it is performed together in order to transplant more hair in a single application. 


On our page, we mention two methods with successful results. The other methods are not mentioned since we are not satisfied with their results.

Things you should know before hair transplantation 


  1. In successful hair transplantation centers, the characteristics of your hair are evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon by hair analysis during your hair examination. Hair graft required for the transplantation is decided.
  2. The quality of the hair to be taken for transplantation, whether it is healthy or not,  and the density of the hair in the area from where it shall be taken are evaluated. In addition to these, the characteristics such as the color, type and straightness of your hair are also evaluated. These are analyzed by an instrument.
  3. Today, information pollution occurs as people get examined. They hear different number of grafts and very different price policies for their transplantation areas. There are many people considering hair transplantation who have difficulties at the stage of decision. 
    a. The number of graft is determined by the area where the transplantation shall be performed. Some people don't have any hair and they need more grafts. The people with good hair quality, large number of grafts can be transplanted in one session. But in some people with weak hair of low quality, closing the open areas in two sessions is healthier. 
    b. In some people open areas may not be much, but there might be more thinning areas. As the hair loss in such areas continues, the thinned areas shall also start to open by time. 
    c. As people get examined, they hear 2.000 grafts or 3.000 grafts for themselves. Unfortunately this difference has many reasons. Some centers transplant 2.000 grafts at the first stage so that these people can have a 2nd session one year later. But you may actually need 2.000 grafts also or your hair quality may require transplantation to be performed in 2 sessions.
    d. Because there are too many centers, there are also too many alternative campaigns. There are many 3.000 graft campaigns. Since 3.000 grafts sound nice, 3.000 grafts can be pronounced directly. Sometimes, grafts more than needed are told in order to price per graft. For this purpose, you can get information about yourself over the internet. In medicine, Norwood Scale is taken as the basis in order to determine the number of grafts. This is a classification which is used by the doctors all over the world in order to determine the number of grafts needed. In this classification, the number of grafts is determined according to the visual state of the opening and thinning of the hair. It is an approximate calculation. For example, while 2.400 - 3.800 grafts are needed for the people in IV class,  1.400 - 2.200 grafts are needed for the people in III class. For the approximate number of grafts you need, you can use Norwood Scale.  
    e. There are many pricings different from each other for hair transplantation. In some places, price is given per graft and in some places a single price is given regardless of the grafts to be transplanted. One of the important factors determining the price is that the realization of the process under the conditions of operating room. Realization under the operating room conditions, providing the sterile requirements are price factors. When performed under operating room conditions, the obligatory analysis are also performed before the operation. Such analysis influence the price. Although hair transplantation seems like a simple application, it is a medical application. The checkups and medical analysis of the patients  are required to be performed. In addition, being under the control of a plastic surgeon, realization by a team are the most important factors in determination of the price. The successful doctors and teams who have a high level of transplantation success assess their work differently. In Turkish handcrafts, "Canvas Embroidery" is a very difficult handcraft that requires attention. During hair transplantation, which requires 4-8 hours of medical operation on your head, the surgical team realizes an artistic transplantation. When the transplantation team realizes such an artistic transplantation, the hair seems like natural hair which is not understood by others. Hair transplantation is an application which requires work, special attention for the people who apply it. Realization of the hair transplantation in a reliable center with reliable hair transplantation doctor and transplantation team, is more important than the price for the people. 
    f. When realized by competent people, it is not understood by others. Only the people, who know that you had hair transplantation and that you were hairless before, shall notice. These people do not understand the hair transplantation in the people they do not know.
  4. It is realized by a specialized hair transplantation team under the control of a plastic surgeons.
    a. In the recent years, the increase in the number of hair transplantation centers brought along competition. As a result of this competition, the notifications such as a doctor should perform not a team, confuse people. Our hair is living follicles as long as we live. Time is required medically for taking the hair from one area and transplantation to the other area. After the hair is taken, it is required to be transplanted in a certain period of time. The hair which is not transplanted in required time does not give good results. Due to this reason, the hair transplantation is realized by a team regarding the comfort, health and hair transplantation procedure of the person. Since this is the only work of the transplantation experts, they rapidly and practically assist the doctor. The purpose is to transplant the hair taken to the required area. With the team, the transplantation is realized in due time and speed.
    b. It is very important that the team assisting the doctor had performed many applications and has a developed practice. Successful transplantations are realized with the people with good practice. First of all, it is required to realize the transplantation during the medical period. It is not easy to bring up hair transplantation teams. Like master/apprentice relation, people work hard with patience and become a successful transplantation expert. By their observations of hair transplantation on many patients, they learn the key points and the techniques of providing natural hair appearance. They master by hard working and sweating blood. Unfortunately, dissatisfaction arises following the hair transplantations performed by the teams formed of people who learn this work on one or two patients. Very affordable prices can be seen.
  5.  10 days before the operation, it is required not to use drugs such as aspirin which dilute blood. If you are on medication, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist. You can ask them whether the drugs you use dilute the blood or not.
  6. 10 days before the operation, you should not use vitamins and herbal teas.
  7. The duration of the transplantation is determined by the number of grafts needed by the patient. It takes approximately 4 - 8 hours. Only transplantation is performed during this time. The breaks required for the comfort of the people are given.
  8. Your blood analysis is performed before the application under the operating room conditions. The skin of your hair is very important. You should have the transplantation under hygienic conditions such as an operating room. It is performed by local anesthesia. You don't feel any pain during the procedure, thanks to the local anesthesia.
  9. Following the procedure, the grafts - hair are seen as spots in the transplanted area. You don't see your hair grow immediately. A process is needed medically for your transplanted hair to grow.
  10. The first 3 days following the procedure there might be pinkish erythema on the transplantation area. This is not seen in everyone. If it is seen, this is normal and does not require concern.
  11. In the beginning, you are required to administer your doctor's prescription correctly. The medication prescribed is important for your health and this is why it is given. We recommend you to administer your prescription correctly in order not to experience any complications.
  12. Your doctor may recommend medical hair solutions based on your hair type. This recommendation is required for your hair to get stronger.
  13. The hair might come off 15 days after the application. This depends on the physiological nature of the person. There are also people who do not lose hair. 3 months after this period, your hair starts to come out slowly. 75% of the hair, which is eagerly waited to come out, comes out when 6 months is completed. 12 months after the procedure, in other words by the end of 1 year all the hair shall have come out.
  14. As your hair grows following the transplantation, and you want to shorten it, you can have it cut it from the ends without touching the roots. For the hair to be natural, angular and soft, we recommend you to cut from the ends without touching the roots. As the hair grows, it grows as soft and angular, as if it is your natural hair. It is just like the growth of beard in your ages of puberty. Beard is hard when it first comes out. Then it gets softer as it grows.
  15. Hair transplanted does not come off again. You shall get rid of open, thinned and hairless appearance.
  16. There is no medical reason preventing you to go to work 2 days after the procedure. People usually start working 5 days after the procedure due to the pinkish erythema which occurs after 3 days.
  17. When your hair grows, you can comb or dye it. We recommend you to consult your doctor and get recommendations. Don't forget that the growing hair is your own hair.
  18. The products such as gel, spray etc. can be used at least after 3 months. It would be better to consult your surgeon and then use these products.
  19. In people with diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure problems, the approval of the doctors specialized in such fields is required. For example, you have heart problems. You should get approval from a cardiologist stating that hair transplantation can be performed.
  20. We recommend the people coming from the other cities or countries to plan to stay in the city where the procedure shall be performed for at least 3 days. With the approval of the doctor performing the procedure, you can return on the 2nd day. But don't forget that this period cannot be anticipated before the transplantation. We recommend you to make your plans in order to stay 3 days in the same city.
  21. If the people coming from the other cities or countries are to return by airplane after the hair transplantation, then the patient should get a written document from the doctor controlling the hair transplantation, stating that the patient can return by airplane. The doctor's seal and signature should be affixed under this document. You are required to have this document with you in the airport. Don't put it in your luggage.
  22. Following the hair transplantation you shall have a haired appearance. There is a faulty belief among people that you become a grass-head. Unfortunately, there are people who are not satisfied from the results of the hair transplantation if a good hair transplantation is not performed. If the procedure is correctly and successfully  performed, then the people shall have a natural hair appearance. They are happy as a result of this.
  23. The results of the hair transplantation are successful and satisfactory. Only, you have to be patient in order to wait for your hair to grow. If you want to see yourself with hair when you look into the mirror, don't postpone the hair transplantation.