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Due to various reasons, the skins of the upper arms of some people start sagging and loosening. Sometimes, there is excess fat even though there is no sagging.


These sagging and loosening which can be noticed from the clothes make these people unhappy.


These deformations annoy the person more than the deformations in other regions. The operation which is performed in order to eliminate the visual deformations of the upper arms is called "Brachioplasty".


In Brachioplasty, the doctor's experience and correct assessment is very important. As long as the patient selection is correct, the results of the brachioplasty will satisfy both the patient and the doctor who treats the patient.   


What are the Proper Methods for Brachioplasty?


There are two available methods as Brachioplasty and Liposuction on Arms.

There may be excess fat without any sagging in the arm. In order to save the upper arm from fats and to give the arm an aesthetical look, only the laser liposuction is applied. Fats are removed during the application. Removal of the fats may be sufficient for an aesthetical look in the arm. In persons whose fats in the arms are removed by a skilled plastic surgeon who is successful in removal of fat, no sagging or cavities occur.


In case there are both excess fat and sagging in the upper arm, brachioplasty is performed. A scar occurs which cannot be seen from outside whereas only you know where it is. It is in a region which will not draw attention from outside. After the operation, both the fat and the excess skin which causes the sagging will have been removed.

After Brachioplasty

It's performed by plastic surgeons with general anaesthesia under operating room conditions.


  1. You will have a slight pain after the operation which takes 2 hours in average. You will not have a discomfort to say that you have pain.
  2. Swelling and bruises can occur in your arms. These swelling and bruises which may occur in any operation will disappear in one week after the operation.
  3. You can travel out of town 3 days after the operation.
  4. You can go back to your work 5 days after the operation.
  5. Information such as sport activities and bathing will be provided by your doctor after your operation.
  6. Since your arms have been given an aesthetical look, you can choose sleeveless clothes or clothes with shoulder straps after the healing process.


Laser Liposuction on Arms

Laser Liposuction is performed on arms with local anaesthesia by plastic surgeons under operating room conditions.
In the recent years, very successful fat removal operations are performed on arms by means of the smart lipo laser devices


  1. The operation takes approximately 1 hour.
  2. You can go back to your everyday life on the following day.
  3. For a certain period of time you need to use a bandage as directed by your doctor.
  4. You may not be comfortable with the arm movements. Before and after the operation, our doctors will inform you of the matters you need to pay attention
  5. You shouldn't lift heavy objects for the period to be stated by our doctors.
  6. You can wear clothes with shoulder straps after the healing process.


For detailed information you can inquire about Brachioplasty from our doctors through e-mail, and get an appointment by phone to get examined.