Laser Liposuction - Fat Removal

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As people have attached importance to their beauty more and more, many methods including both surgical and nonsurgical methods have been developed in medicine for offering beauty. A good many alternative methods are offered to people.

Laser Liposuction - Fat Removal

Is there any Risk of Gaining Weight after Fat Removal?

The number of our fat cells is constant after the adolescence period and these are the cells which are removed in the operation. As the number of fat cells decreases, mathematically the accumulated fat in the body also decreases. Since the number of cells decreases in the regions where the surgery is carried out, they are not observed where liposuction-fat removal surgery is performed. Not all your cells are removed in the operation. The necessary amount of cells is removed in order to give you a beautiful form. The rest are the cells which are required to support your life.


Generally, the amount of fat in your body increases when you start gaining weight after the operation. The existing fat cells expand in volume as you gain weight. (We recommend you to read our section titled "Why does One Gain Weight")


Why does One Gain Weight?

While the number of fat cells in humans varies until the adolescence period, the number of these cells doesn't change after the adolescence period.  The number of fat cells remains constant following our adolescence period. Even though the number of our fat cells doesn't change, the increase in the volume of the fat cells is observed as a weight gain in our body.

Nowadays, many factors such as intensive working schedules, hormonal reasons, psychological problems, lack of facilities and conditions for sport activities etc. lead to weight gain. Sometimes, despite doing physical exercises and dieting, the body may still have disproportionalities and excess fat in some of its regions. There are fat accumulations under the skins of persons who have disproportionate excessivenesses.

It's a must for humans to breathe healthily and be on a healthy nutrition. Nutrition is indispensable for our body in order to sustain all of its functions whereas foods are the essential energy sources of the body. Nutrients are stored in fatty tissues to provide energy when required. In case the energy we store through taking nourishment  is more than the energy we consume, we gain weight.

The ideal weight for humans is related to the amount of fat stored in the cell. If we consider the body a machine, there should be a balance between the energy received and the energy consumed.


How much Fat is removed by Liposuction?


The decision of your plastic surgeon, her/his practical experience and the regions where the application is to be performed are important. It will be clear during your face-to-face examination according to the medical principles. Assessment, as well as the amount of fat to be removed, of any person is different from others'.

Fat Removal Operation - Liposuction

For many decades, liposuctions-fat removal operations are performed in order to contour the body and give the body an aesthetic look. Liposuction-Fat Removal Operation is performed for the purpose of removing the excess contours in our body.  

Operations which are performed to re-contour the body by clearing away the accumulations of fat are called Fat Removal Operations. Another name for fat removal operations is Liposuction. Laser devices have been developed with the technological advancements in medicine. Therefore, the liposuction is divided into two methods as classic liposuction and laser liposuction.


What is Laser Liposuction?

The fat removal procedures through an additional laser devise is called Laser Liposuction. Whether through Liposuction or Laser Liposuction, the main purpose is to save you from accumulations of fat and give you a beautiful and aesthetic look by contouring your body.

For the procedure, laser devices are used in the Laser Liposuction method. Smart Lipo – Slim Lipo are the brand names of the laser devices used.

While making a research about Fat Removal Operations, you see many definitions such as liposuction, Laser Lipolysis, Laser Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Smart Lipo, fat removal through Laser, removing fat through laser etc. You can find detailed information in this section.


What is Laser Lipolysis?

Fats are liquefied and decomposed through laser devices. Sometimes decomposed particles are not extracted by the aspirator. They are discharged from the body thorough urine. This method is called LASER LIPOLYSIS.


What is Fat Injection?


We can draw a parallel between the vacuum device and the vacuum cleaner, as well as between the cannulas and vacuum cleaner hose. In Fat Removal-Liposuction methods, your fats are sucked by cannulas and a vacuum device called aspirator. Sometimes, surgeons remove the stored fat cells through large syringes instead of an aspirator. Fat cells removed by the syringe are used for filling purposes in an application called fat injection. This is a fill method utilising the person's own fat. 


The Secret to a Successful Laser Liposuction


Fat Removal Operations are performed by plastic surgeons under operating room conditions. This is a surgical procedure where the doctors show their art. Giving a beautiful shape is not much different from a painter's introducing beauty into her/his painting. Painters are the artists of paintings whereas the plastic surgeons are the artists of the body. Skilled plastic surgeons, who have a beautiful and aesthetic soul, demonstrate the difference by showing their art.


The more the number of Laser Liposuctions a doctor performs, the more she/he will be able to remove the excesses of the body contour with the right planning by observing the skin flexibility and fat accumulations properly. A skilled plastic surgeon will save you from your excess fats, which you cannot render by doing physical exercises and dieting, through Laser Liposuction within a short time.


The Difference between Laser Liposuction and Liposuction


Plastic surgeon's extracting of fats through cannulas and aspirators for the body contouring is called the classic liposuction. While these procedures are being carried out by means of a laser device and the body is being contoured, the liquefying and decomposing of fats through the laser device is called the Laser Liposuction. Sometimes fats are not liquefied by the laser device and extracted through aspirators. This is called Laser Lipolysis.


  1. Cannulas are used in both methods. Cannulas are different in diameters(mm).
  2. The classic method is based on the plastic surgeon's hand power. Laser is the operation's performance by the plastic surgeon through her/his own energy and the laser device. Doctor's practice regarding the classic method is same with the laser in terms of skin flexibility and fat removal practices.
  3. Laser application has a shorter operation time. Besides, the healing process is faster.
  4. Swellings and bruises occur less in the laser.
  5. Use of corset is higher in the classic method.
  6. Laser is used in body regions such as arms, around the knees etc. In the classic method, it's more difficult to perform an operation in these regions.
  7. The loose skin can be tightened in the laser application.
  8. There is no risk of bleeding in the laser liposuction. No serious bleeding occurs in the classic method.
  9. Local anaesthesia can be used in the laser method. General anaesthesia can be used depending on the region in the classic method.
  10. It's said that burns can occur in the laser application. No such problems occur with skilled doctors who know how to use the device well.

When we compare the two methods as above, laser liposuction is more advantageous. However, the skin flexibility, fat accumulations, the number of regions where the fats accumulate, the disproportionalities of bodies, as well as expectations, are different for every person.

Maya Aesthetic Surgery doctors will decide whether the classic lipo or the laser lipo is suitable for you by taking into consideration all these differences as a whole. Removal of fats through laser method is much easier. If a doctor chooses the classic method, which is more difficult, this is because she/he considers it suitable for you.