Brow Lift Surgery

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Brow Lift Surgeries are the plastic surgeries in which the lines between the eyebrows and the hair, as well as the looks that have a saggy and tearful appearance, are removed and the brows which have changed position are lifted.

Brow Lift Surgery

Men and women have different brow structures and shapes. All of the organs in the face are proportional to each other. Disproportionate regions and deformations annoy us in terms of appearance.


Brows, eyes and the nose are in harmony with each other to a certain degree. The lack of harmony among brows, eyes and the nose may cause deficiencies in terms of an aesthetic look and beauty. The form of our brows affects the appearance of our looks. Brows, which are lower for various reasons, give an unhappy impression on the person's face. When looked from outside, the person is always thought to be tired. Persons are saved from the unhappy impression and instead they are given a lively impression on their faces with the brow lift surgery. A look is acquired which is in harmony with the nose and eyes. Sagging and loosening in brows are removed by surgical operation and the person is given a beautiful and aesthetic look.


When the face is considered as a whole, the position of brows is of great importance in this assessment. Brows are of crucial value in giving the face a youthful appearance through facial rejuvenation operations. 


Brow lift surgery is planned according you your age and gender.


Who can Have Brow Lift Surgery?


Brow Lift Surgery is applied to the young and middle-aged persons.


Is Surgery a Must for Brow Lifting?


In order to acquire the appearance you want, you can have your brows plucked. The desired shape can be given in a permanent makeup application which is performed by a professional permanent makeup specialist.


If specialised in the aesthetics of looks, a good plastic surgeon can give a person the desired brow shape by using Botox. We recommend the use of Botox for persons who are anxious about surgery. Botox is not a drug produced of venom. You can get detailed information from the Botox unit in our aesthetic surgery department. Every aesthetic solution is offered for the brows. Permanent Makeup also offers satisfying solutions.


Brow Lift Surgery Techniques


There are Sling Brow Lift and Endoscopic Brow Lift methods.

What you Wonder about the Brow Lift Surgery


How much the Brows should be Lifted in the Brow Lift Surgery?


Expectations of individuals are listened during the examination and what shapes they desire are assessed. Plastic surgeons consider the operation as a whole. If your desires are to result in an unnatural look, this is conveyed to you. Following a face-to-face examination, your surgery is planned in order to give your brows a flat and attractive shape which is in harmony with your face.


Does Brow Lift Surgery have a Lasting Effect?


The shape given through endoscopic brow lift is permanent. As the years go by and we age, the brows will go a little down since the whole forehead will sag.


Brow Lift Surgery or Temporal Brow Lift Surgery?


Temporal brow lift is performed above the brows. There are individuals for whom both operations are performed together. Depending on the age of the person, temporal brow lift surgery is recommended to flatten the wrinkles around the eye and the crow's feet. The operation is called TEMPORAL BROW LIFT surgery if no operation is performed in the middle of the eyebrows.


There are two temporal regions in the forehead as the right and left regions. Aesthetic surgeries performed in the Temporal Region are Temporal Brow Lift surgeries.


Difference between the Brow Lift Surgery and the Forehead Lift Surgery


Forehead lift surgery is an operation performed for persons of over 40 years age who want to get rid of the lines and wrinkles. It's performed in order to remove the wrinkles which have developed in years and to give the person a more youthful appearance. Brow Lift Surgery, on the other hand, is performed for young people and only to give a new shape to the brows.


Are Screws used in the Brow Lift Surgery?


The plastic surgeon decides on the selection of the method to be used depending on the expectations and needs of persons, as well as the other operations to be performed together with this surgery. Blepharoplasty, forehead lift surgery, temporal brow lift surgery, rhytidoplasty etc. can be performed together with this surgery.


A scar occurs depending on the brow lifting method which has been determined in the planning of the surgery.


A small very tiny incision is performed in the scalp. It's not visible from outside since it remains in the scalp. The screws used are of self-decomposing type.


We use the Endoscopic Brow Lift method. The risk of a serious bleeding and infection is very low in this method. There is almost no such risk.


Can one Acquire Attractive Looks with the Brow Lift Surgery?


The predominant communication for women is the looks. Many women undergo brow lift surgery in order to have attractive looks.


Before and After Brow Lift Surgery


  • The operation is performed either with general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia.
  • The operation takes approximately 1 hour.
  • The operation is performed under operating room conditions.
  • Blood tests are to be performed before the operation since the surgery requires anaesthesia.
  • Persons are discharged from the hospital the same day.
  • Bruises and swelling can occur for the first 2-3 days.
  • You can go back to your work 3 days after the operation.
  • There is almost no risk of bleeding in the endoscopic brow lift method.
  • At your every checkup, your doctor will inform you of the following checkup date.
  • In case there is sagging in the brows, the brow lift surgery alone will not be sufficient to remove the sagging. Forehead lift surgery or temporal brow lift surgery can be performed together with the brow lift surgery. You can get information from our relevant unit about the forehead lift surgeries and temporal brow lift surgeries.
  • You can take a bath 2 days after the date you are discharged from the hospital. Do consult your doctor beforehand.

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