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We’re presenting a world-class service with our professional doctors in aesthetic and professional team.

Are You Happy With Your Reflection in the Mirror?

By analyzing the elasticity of the skin and fat storage, we’re smarting your body form with latest medical techniques.

Sexual Life Aesthetics

We’re making your dreams real with aesthetic touches.

The Secret of Youth and Health are Hidden in Your Vein

Get younger with your own blood.

Your Postpartum Beauty

It’s not possible to compare the happiness of being a mother with anything else. We’re making you happier with aesthetic solutions.

Look Perfect in Your Wedding

We’re waiting brides and grooms for an excellent outlook.

Remove Wasting of Time

Send your photographs and ask questions, our doctors will evaluate what can be done about your aesthetic and health problems.

Beauty Gives You HappinessAre You Happy With Your Reflection in the Mirror?Sexual Life AestheticsThe Secret of Youth and Health are Hidden in Your VeinYour Postpartum BeautyLook Perfect in Your WeddingRemove Wasting of Time

Augmentation Mammoplasty

For silicone, terms such as prosthesis and implant are used. After all, the plastic surgery carried out to increase the size of the breast is called Augmentation Mammoplasty.


Skin Care Applications

Periodic professional skin care keeps the skin healthy, clean and shiny; delays aging and makes you feel good.


Laser Liposuction Fat Removal

As people have attached importance to their beauty more and more, many methods including both surgical and nonsurgical methods have been developed in medicine for offering beauty.


Hair Transplantation

The hair on our head between two ears on the upper section of the neck is the hair that is genetically not lost.


About Maya Aesthetic Surgery

Op. Dr. Tuba Erdoğan Demiray and Op. Dr. Ercan Demiray, who had  completed their careers in the field of plastic surgery being aware of the fact that beauty provides happiness, follow up the latest developments in medicine and apply the aesthetic solutions which they believe are successful. While performing successful operations in practice with their theoretical knowledge, they also prioritize their patient's health, comfort and needs. They rapidly and safely analyze the expectations and satisfaction of their patients.


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