Gynaecomastia - Enlargement of the Breasts in a Male

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For some men, breast tissues grow excessively. It can be noticed from outside by looking at their clothes. Their breasts look like the breasts of a woman.

Gynaecomastia - Enlargement of the Breasts in a Male

What is Gynaecomastia?

The excessive growth of the breast tissues of some men has various reasons. The excessive breast growth seen in males is called Gynaecomastia.

When the breast grows itself in men, the growing breast tissue should be removed under operating room conditions. This problem has no solution which doesn't involve an operation. Since excessive breast tissue carries cancer risk in medicine, men who experience breast growth should undergo the operation without delay.
Gynaecomastia is observed in men during and after adolescence.
Breast growth problems in men are solved surgically by the plastic surgeons under operating room conditions.