Platysmaplasty and Jowl Reduction

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Platysmaplasty and Jowl Reduction


Everything such as breasts, eyelids, face, neck etc. tends to sag due to the influence of gravity. In addition to this; genetic factors and gaining-losing excessive weight are among the other factors which cause loosening in the human skin.

Sagging and loosening which develop in the neck region cause deformation in our face as well.
The more one gets older the more deformations she/he will have in the face and neck region. The face and neck look bad due to these deformations. "Platysmaplasty" is the operation in which wrinkles, visual deformations and excess fat in the neck are removed, and the skin in the neck region is stretched so as to give it an aesthetical look by a surgical process.

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Jowl Reduction

Sometimes the accumulations of fat called jowl in the neck region may lead to deformations. Accumulations of fat are removed through laser liposuction in young patients. Laser method is used with the technology being advanced. Jowl formations are removed through Slim Lipo and Smart Lipo laser devices. In the meantime the skin is tightened. Fat removal is performed without performing a platysmaplasty. Based on their medical experiences, plastic surgeons decide on whether the platysmaplasty method or the fat removal method is suitable for the deformations in the neck region.

A one week resting period is sufficient after platysmaplasty. The operation is performed with general anaesthesia. If the fat removal is sufficient, the surgery may be performed with local anaesthesia under operating room conditions. A special neck corset is to be used for the neck region following the operation. 


You will be informed of the corset use time by your doctor.
In Platysmaplasty, the doctor's experience and practice over fat removal, as well as the skin flexibility, are important. Your doctor will decide on the method of surgery depending on your fat, wrinkles and sagging of your skin. For detailed information, we would like you to meet our plastic surgeons in the Maya Aesthetic Surgery which is situated in the Bağdat Street.