Augmentation Mammoplasty

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For silicone, terms such as prosthesis and implant are used. After all, the plastic surgery carried out to increase the size of the breast is called "Augmentation Mammoplasty".

Augmentation Mammoplasty

There is no specific standard for the augmentation mammoplasty. Everyone has a different anatomy. Beautifying any body is different from other bodies. 

Shape of the ribcage, size of the nipple and structure of the breast tissue are considered while planning the augmentation mammoplasty. When increasing the size, breasts are considered as a whole together with the body.


Is Augmentation Mammoplasty Safe?

Researches related to the breasts, the organ which makes a woman feel her femininity and ensures her self-confidence with its presence and size, has been continuing since 1800's. Breasts which remain small despite the completed adolescence have worried the women since these years. In these years, the first augmentation mammoplasty attempts were carried out surgically by inserting a material inside the breast. The first material was a sponge.

As researches continued, more pleasing modern materials were used in 1962. Even in those years, many women had their breast size increased with these modern materials. Augmentation mammoplasties which have been carried out for many decades are safe aesthetic surgeries which can be considered by women without hesitation.

Women get enlarged, plumped and uplifted breasts with the augmentation mammoplasty. Since those times; women who go through psychological problems owing to their undeveloped breasts are becoming more energetic and happy by getting rid of their small breasts. Regained their self-confidence, women are more happy in shopping for clothes and underwears.


Should the Breasts be Round or Tear Drop Shaped?

Breast prostheses can either be round or tear drop shaped. 

Our experienced doctor is to determine the shape depending on the characteristics of your breasts.