Otoplasty - Prominent Ear Correction Surgery

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Deformations in the ear are congenital. Congenitally, one or both of the ears may be sticking out from the side of the head and lacking a normal fold.

Otoplasty - Prominent Ear Correction Surgery

When looked at the head region from outside, disproportionalities are noticed in the ear form. Generally, the sizes of ears are the same for people who have prominent ears and who have normal ears. The surgical correction of these deformations and folds is called "Otoplasty" or "Prominent Ear Correction Surgery".

During the school age, ears of children are noticed so clearly that children make fun of each other. It's important for the psychology of our children that families follow whether their children, who have prominent ears, are mocked by their friends in the school. It's important that you receive support from psychologists for your children who experience psychological problems due to their prominent ears.


What is the Purpose of Otoplasty?


The purpose of Otoplasty is to change the shape of the ear. In the prominent ear correction surgery, the ear cartilages are given shape through permanent sutures from the back of the earlap.


How is the Otoplasty Performed?


While giving a normal new shape to the ear during the Otoplasty, some techniques use an incision right behind the ear while other techniques use an incision in front of the ear. The basis of the surgery is to give shape to the ear cartilage through permanent sutures from the back of the earlap. Therefore, the acquired shape becomes permanent.


What is the Difference Between the Prominent Ears and Normal Ears?

Ear stands away from the head with a certain angle. In persons with prominent ears, the angle of the ear to the head may be more than it's supposed to be. When looked at our ears from behind, this excessive angle is clearer. Besides, the folds which need to be present at the upper half of the ear might have not developed.


Frequently Asked Question Regarding Otoplasty

What is the Suitable Age to Undergo Otoplasty?


Otoplasty or Prominent Ear Correction Surgery is the plastic surgery which can be performed earliest after one's birth. Since the children are mentally depressed due to their ears, these surgeries can be performed at very early ages. 


Ears of a child at the age of 6 are very close to her/his ears at adulthood. Therefore, these surgeries can be performed earliest at the age of 6. In addition to that, prominent ear correction surgeries can be performed at any age.


When the prominent ear correction surgery is performed at early ages, the most important detail to be paid attention is to inform the children very well and speak with them clearly prior to the operation. 

What is the Preferred Anaesthesia Method for Otoplasty?

Recovery Period of Prominent Ear Correction Surgery

Most of the patient are discharged from the hospital on the same day of the surgery. After removing the bandages, your doctor will inform you about how to take a shower. Some people use tennis sweatband or headband in order to protect their ears after the operation.


What should be Paid Attention After Otoplasty?


A special bandage is given to be used for one week following the operation. Normal look is completely acquired after a week..