Mastopexy - Breast Lifting

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Breasts which are at a certain size in women tend to sag in time due to the influence of gravity. Breasts sag due to factors such as aging, hormonal causes, breastfeeding or weak ligaments holding the breast.

Mastopexy - Breast Lifting

Breast tissue decreases depending on the cause and this leads to a discharge from the breast thereby causing the breasts to sag rapidly.  However, no matter what the reason is, breasts tend to sag since the influence of gravity, which is the law of nature, is downward.

Aesthetic operations performed by plastic surgeons in order to beautify the sagging breasts are called "Mastopexy – Breast Lifting Operation".

How is a Mastopexy performed?

This operation is performed in 3 ways.

a)    Only the breast sags and only the breast is lifted.
b)    Sometimes, the breast can become smaller when it's lifted in order to eliminate the sagging. Therefore, breast prosthesis is implanted in order to lift the breast.
c)    Sometimes, the breasts may not be very large. When eliminating the pendulousness of the breast, the breast tissue may also require to be shaped. The nipple can require a treatment as well. Under such circumstances, lifting can be performed by reduction mammoplasty. (Both the tissue is removed and the pendulousness is eliminated)


When do the Breast Start Sagging?

a.    After your breast feeding period following a childbirth is over
b.    When you gain and lose too much weight
c.    When your skin flexibility weakens
d.    When your breasts are discharged due to various reasons


Facts to be known with regard to the Mastopexy


  1. These are operations performed with general anaesthesia by the plastic surgeon under operating room conditions and they take from 1,5 hours to 3 hours.
  2. You need to stay overnight in the hospital. When you come to your patient's room, you will find a medical bra which you need to wear for a certain period of time.
  3. CAN YOU BREAST-FEED: Since the mammary glands are preserved in persons who undergo mastopexy, there will occur no problems in breastfeeding. In case the mastopexy is to be performed through reduction mammoplasty, the technique used for reduction mammoplasty is important. You can find detailed information on this in our reduction mammoplasty section.
  4. WILL THERE BE ANY SCARS: Every surgical operation leaves a mark in the incision area. These marks which are called scars become barely visible 6 months after the operation and they acquire the skin colour. They don't vanish completely. During this period you can protect yourself against solar rays. You can prefer light-coloured clothes.
  5. Swelling and oedema can occur after the operation.
  6. You are required to avoid anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin, herbal teas and vitamins for 10 days prior to the operation. Do inform your doctor of other medications you are on. Necessary information will be provided. In addition, you shouldn't smoke.
  7. MENSTRUAL PERIOD: Medically, there is no inconveniency for an operation during your menstrual period. However, we recommend you to undergo the operation after your menstrual period.
  8. Everyone has a different body. 1 week of resting is reasonable. You can go back to your work on the 5th day.
  9. You can start doing intensive physical exercises such as swimming etc. 1 month after the operation upon your doctor's approval
  10. You will be prescribed analgesics in order to prevent pain afterwards.
  11. You will be informed by your doctor of when you will take a bath upon your discharge from the hospital.
  12. Scar: If you have very little sagging in your breasts, you should consider carefully whether or not you will be annoyed of the scars to occur following the surgical procedure. If you have a considerable sagging in your breasts, you will not be annoyed of the scars after seeing your beautiful breasts. There is no surgical intervention without any scar.
  13. It is important that you take care of your personal hygiene. We recommend you to pay attention to your personal hygiene following the surgical procedures in order to prevent any infection.
  14. MAY A SAGGING DEVELOP AGAIN: Your breasts are at a higher position after the operation. If you gain and lose considerable weight or give birth sagging may develop again.
  15. You can undergo a surgical process at least 6 months after your breast feeding period.
  16. The Patient Consent Form, which gives detailed information about the mastopexy, will be submitted to you by the hospital staff for you to read. This form contains the information which you have encountered during your researches and are verbally conveyed to you during your examination.
  17. While your doctor is performing your mastopexy, she/he can state that your breast requires prosthesis implanting. Prosthesis is implanted when there is no sufficient tissue in the breast while lifting. Nevertheless, you can ask her/him only to lift the breast. In order for you to make a decision on this matter, we recommend you to examine the photos of patients who only had their breasts lifted despite the fact that a prosthesis implanting was necessary. A skilful doctor may not want to lift the breasts only. Plastic surgeons consider their work an art since they perform an aesthetic operation. They are unwilling to leave their art uncompleted. They want to see everything beautiful as a whole.
  18. There are no significant differences between mastopexy and reduction mammoplasty. In reduction mammoplasty, the pendulousness is eliminated with the removal of the breast tissue. In mastopexy, only the pendulousness is eliminated. For an aesthetic breast, removal of tissue may be required while lifting the breast. We recommend you to examine our website regarding the Reduction Mammoplasty. Since there are no significant differences between the two operation types, your reading all reduction mammoplasty information will be of help to you.


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