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Rhytidoplasties are performed one at a time as a whole; however, rhytidoplasty can be performed only in specific regions in case the problems are in such regions.


Plastic surgeons assess the problems on your face. They can consider you suitable for Face Lift or rhytidoplasty  depending on the amount of problems. In case your problems are concentrated in a specific region, the operation is performed only in such region.

For instance,

For the cheeks, Cheek Implant Surgery,
For the eyelids, Blepharoplasty,
For the eyebrows, Brow Lift Surgery,
For the neck, Platysmaplasty,
If there is only jowl problems in the neck, Jowl Reduction,
For the chin, Genioplasty,
For the forehead, Forehead Lift Surgery