How can I get rid of jawl

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Does it bother you, sagging jowl and fatty jowl when you look in the mirror?

Nowadays, it is very easy to get rid of fat jowl...

How can I get rid of jawl


People who suffer from fatty jowl, close their jowl with hans and clothes. Today, it is possible to get rid of jowl fat without anesthesia -in operating conditions, with the operations performed by plastic surgeons. 

The jowl is the thinnest and the most affected muscle of human, when putting on wait or losing weight.

In the jowl aesthetic controlling, both of the face and the neck is examined. It isn’t right to do the operation before examining neck and face.  

With only aesthetic surgical procedures, jowl lubricate can be soluted.

 Aesthetic surgery solutions vary according to the jowl fat, sagging and wrinkles. Laser lipolysis, laser liposuction and neck lift surgeries are performed. In laser liposuction operation, fat excess is removed and sagging problems resolved. It is important ın this operation the patient’s age. It is performed under local anesthesia, under operating room conditions. The patients can go their home in the same day. You can start working 3 days after laser lipolysis. And can go to work 5 days after laser liposuction.

 You can learn how laser liposuction and Laser lipolysis operations done, aesthetic plastic surgery department in our website.

 Sagging skin and wrinkles can be after a certain age. Those people need to neck lift surgery. Techniques neck lift surgery, neck lift surgery by the plastic surgery department, get detailed information about facial aesthetics section.

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