Augmentation Mammoplasty Methods

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As to the augmentation mammoplasty, the material called implant-prosthesis-silicone (all have the same meaning) is used for the aesthetic operation. Breasts can also be enlarged through fat injection without the insertion of any material.

Augmentation Mammoplasty Methods

Silicone Material

The outer shell of the prostheses is made of silicone. The characteristics of the internal structure of the silicone vary. The outer shell, namely the surface which is in contact with the body, is made of silicone. There are gel and saline type prostheses depending on these differences.


The Type of the Silicone used in Maya Aesthetic Surgery 

Our preference is the silicone gels. We will not include the details of saline type prostheses since our job is making the best breasts.

We are not using the fat injection method. We have given you some information in this section.


Surface Properties of Silicone

The outer surface of the silicone can either be smooth or textured. This decision is up to the plastic surgeon.


Does the Silicone Obstruct a Mammography?

Silicones do not obstruct the examinations through radiology such as mammography. You are supposed to inform the radiologist only of your previous augmentation mammoplasty before the examination.

The details regarding the brand of the silicone used by the plastic surgeon, as well as the size (CC) of the silicone, will be left in your patient's room by the producing company following your operation. You can keep this tiny silicone barcode in your purse and provide this information for the relevant doctor in any of your examinations and medical applications.


Augmentation Mammoplasty through Fat Injection

As the augmentation mammoplasty through fat injection, drugs etc. can be dangerous, no surgeon who practices her/his job professionally and successfully uses any augmentation method other than silicone. 


The volume provided for the breasts through this method lasts for a limited period, 2-3 years. The effect of enlargement creams and pills is temporary and risky. As a result of the medical researches, implants are the safest enlargement method having been used successfully since 1962.