Augmentation Mammoplasty Examination

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Whatever the reason might be; in case you want to make a change in your breast, it's crucial that you have your breasts examined through ultrasound and mammography.

Augmentation Mammoplasty Examination

During your examination, you can ask for sample photos related to the patients which previously undergone an operation by your plastic surgeon. You will be better able to share your expectations while viewing such photos.


After you listened to the evaluation-planning of your examination, we recommend you to ask the following questions even if some can be a repetition of your previous questions:

  1. Will silicone gel or saline be used?
  2. Which brand will be used?
  3. Will the prosthesis have a round or tear drop shape?
  4. From where the prosthesis will be placed?
  5. Which areas of your body will have scars following the placement?
  6. Will the prosthesis be placed under or over the muscle?
  7. Will there be any disadvantages regarding breastfeeding in the future?
  8. How long will it take for you to start working after your operation?
  9. When will you be able to do physical exercises?
  10. Whether you will have a drain.
  11. Are there any risks? Is capsule formation a significant risk?
  12. You can also write your own questions in order to get answers to all your questions in the examination.


The best examination is the examination in which there is trust and excellent communication between the patient and the surgeon.